You’re Standing At a Fork in the Road…Which Path Will You Choose?

January 26, 2024

Forked roads in green forest

The other day as I was editing the final few chapters of my book (which is coming out soon—join the Street Team here if you want to receive an early copy!), I read a section that had me burst out in tears.

I immediately wanted to share it with you, because it’s the perfect example of how I use the principles I teach daily, in all aspects of my life.

Here’s the section I read:

Picture yourself standing at a fork in the road with two paths laid out before you. To the left is the path you’ve been walking till now, the one where you’re stuck in your loop, doing things that you think are helpful or that have simply become your norm, and so you keep doing them despite nothing getting better. It’s the path of chaos, the path of fear, the path of addiction.

The path to the right is a whole new path. One where you can start to do things differently. That’s the path toward recovery.

Just by reading this book, you’ve already started to take a step on your recovery path. You’ve stood at the fork in the road and decided to turn away from the path you’ve been wandering and to look in a different direction. You’ve decided to think about (or likely already are!) doing something different. And in this chapter, I’m going to lay out several more steps you can take, and keep taking, to continue on your recovery journey.

If there’s one thing I want you to understand when it comes to walking a recovery path, it’s that this journey has no destination.

Recovery isn’t a goal that you achieve once and leave behind. It’s a forever journey. There is no finish line here. You’re either walking the path of recovery, or you’re not.

It’s a decision. One you make daily to continue down the path of recovery instead of veering back in the other direction. And if you backtrack? That’s okay. That’s part of the journey too.

It’s not a straight line. Sometimes we stumble, sometimes we get turned around, sometimes we think we’re going one way and end up someplace we didn’t expect. The beauty of having tools like this Dear Family…Framework is that you can always pull them out when you need them to get back on a healthier track.”

As soon as I read the first paragraph, “Picture yourself standing at a fork in the road with two paths laid out before you…” I lost it. Because my experience of writing this book could not be truer to this statement.

I have been standing at a fork in the road. To the right is me finishing this book and putting it out into the world, and to the left is me stalling, prioritizing everything else over edits to avoid having to confront the fear, doubt, and insecurity releasing this book to the public makes me feel.

I had been choosing to stall. Like I’ve never stalled before! And reading my own words helped me realize why.

It’s hard to choose the path of our higher self, a new path, an unfamiliar path. It’s scary to let go of old, sabotaging ways even when they’re not healthy or good for us. The majority of the time, I’d guess most people show up choosing the old path, the one rooted in fear, doubt, and insecurity. I still do more times than not, even with all the work I do to build and maintain a solid recovery program for myself.

But I was also reminded by reading this section that we can choose to change paths at any moment. We can turn from the fear, doubt, and insecurity that is in our nervous system and take a moment to pause and get grounded. We can choose to turn right.

I’ve made that choice with this book. I’ve committed myself in the month of January to finish this current round of edits so the book can proceed to the next step.

And as nervous as a part of me still is to put this program out into the world in this way, a greater part of me can’t wait for you to read it. Because I know at the end of the day, it isn’t about me. It’s about giving this message to those who need it.

Sometimes that’s the reminder we need when we’re called to do something hard. By remembering it’s in the higher good of all, it can allow us to get out of the way.

Share with me, what is something you labor over which way to turn on that fork in the road? What’s on your plate right now that’s giving you fear, doubt and insecurity? And what do you need to gain the confidence to choose the path of your higher self?

I’d love to know. Comment below or post in our Friends of Tipping Point online community. We can walk our recovery paths together.

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  1. Tiffany Martin

    Mine is choosing to step to the right out of the chaos of the addiction cycle and into a new way of thinking apart from my husband’s way of life. It’s very hard to turn away from this because I lose his attention, approval and acceptance in order to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s so tempting to step back in at times but every time I do it just confirms what I need to do.

  2. Danette

    I can’t seem to let go of the past. No matter how many tears I cry. I just started crying about a month ago. After years of built up sadness, betrayal, and my lifelong codependent behaviors. I know change is needed, I’ve even started some of it. I just feel so alone.


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