Who Is the Dear Family Book For?

June 20, 2024

In the weeks since my book, Dear Family, Why Your Loved One Won’t Accept Help and How to Help Them Anyway, released, I’ve been asked by several people if the book would be a good fit for them to read. It made me realize that since Tipping Point Recovery works with all different sides of the addiction table—the person struggling, their family, and treatment centers—that many may wonder…

Who is this book for?

Would people in recovery benefit from this book?

YES! I’ve had people in recovery share with me that they have learned more about themselves as a result of reading this book. (If you’re one of those people, please share with me your takeaways!) And in some cases, it’s helping them rebuild a bridge back to their family. 

Would someone who’s loved one is already in treatment or in recovery benefit from this book?

YES, absolutely! While this book certainly helps a family who’s loved one is unwilling to get help, it is about re-orienting the family system to best support lasting recovery, which is beneficial no matter what point in the recovery journey your loved one is at.

Can someone who isn’t on speaking terms with their loved one benefit from this book?

YES! This book is not just about your loved one. It’s also about you. About your pain and your healing. No matter what your relationship to your loved one is currently, I believe this book can offer you support and healing, insight and hope. 

Can treatment professionals benefit from this book?

YES! In fact, I’ve sent many copies to treatment centers already so they can share them with their staff. The Dear Family Framework outlined in the book doesn’t just serve those struggling or their loved ones—it has the potential to keep people in treatment longer (dramatically reducing AMAs), reduce recidivism rates, and save lives (and money) in the process. The more treatment centers that embrace a family-system recovery model, the better!

Is there anyone who would NOT benefit from this book?

NO! At its heart, Dear Family is a book about recovery. Just as I believe everyone—alcoholic or not—would benefit from going through a recovery journey, I believe everyone—family of an alcoholic or not—will benefit from reading this book. 

Whether you have a loved one with substance use disorder, are in recovery yourself, work in the medical field, police department, fire department, insurance industry, or are simply interested in understanding more about addiction, recovery, and yourself, I not only invite you but urge you to read this book.

I want as many people as possible to understand the truth about addiction so we as a society can do things differently.

This book is a tool. One meant to help families, yes. But one that can do so much more.

If you haven’t read Dear Family yet, grab your copy here.

If you have read it, let me know in the comments: who do you think Dear Family is for? Is there anyone you would recommend NOT read it?

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  1. Nancy Thompson

    I do agree I think it is for everyone. It is a valuable tool in this recovery process. Still struggling but better than I was.

    • Kate Duffy

      Thank you for sharing Nancy! Progress, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction. Berenice, TPR

  2. Ida

    I love the book! I believe it is so helpful to all people . I bought three and gave two away. I find it that helpful. It is not necessarily an easy book but absolutely a needed book. It provides a multifaceted perspective of a complex disease. Most focus on the addict or the addiction but the disease is much broader than that. I’m grateful for this kind of help and thinking.

    • Kate Duffy

      Thank you so much for your positive review! I’m glad to hear that you found the book helpful. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


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