Who and What is Tipping Point Recovery?

June 30, 2023

We’ve reached a lot of new people recently with the opening of our online Facebook community, and with all the new faces around, I want to make it clear exactly what we have to offer here at Tipping Point Recovery.

Who are we?

Tipping Point Recovery offers services and programs for treatment centers, families, and individuals with addiction that lower the rate of AMA by over 95% (people leaving treatment against medical advice), reduce recidivism significantly, and give individuals the absolute best chance of success.

Our mission is twofold:

  • First, to teach families to respond to their loved one’s addiction in a way that improves recovery results—their results and yours.
  • And second, to have treatment centers include families in the recovery process to bridge the massive gap people are falling through.

Now, if we were like most other companies, like a law firm or an accountant, you would know which service you needed, you would go to our website to find it, and you would call us to make an appointment and get started.

But Tipping Point Recovery isn’t really like most companies. Our programs, services, and family-centered recovery framework are unique. This is actually the main reason we opened a Facebook community—to bring our model to life so more people could understand the work we’re doing and join us in moving the recovery conversation™ forward.

What do we offer?

1. Free Trainings & Support

For those who are just discovering us and/or don’t really understand addiction, or for those who are eager to work in the solution but feel limited by finances, we have several free ways you can be engaged:

Our online Facebook community, Friends of Tipping Point, is a space for people who live with, love, care for, and support people dealing with addiction. In this community, we hold space for and support one another, offer love, share our experiences, and have recovery conversations that are supported by our framework. Click here to join.

Our introductory training, Stop the Chaos, is available in the guides section of the online community. This had previously been a paid training, but families are so often in a state of survival—fight or flight—and we find it to be a difficult state for a family to integrate new ideas and create change. We can learn new methodologies and incorporate change more effectively when we are in a more grounded place. Stop the Chaos is now free within our Facebook community. The training consists of four 60-minute videos and two bonus sessions, and it offers homework to get grounded and experience immediate results. Find it in Guide 3 of the Friends of Tipping Point group.

Finally, our Double Circle Meeting is a free weekly meeting for all those impacted by addiction to come together in community to heal on mirrored paths—both those in recovery from drugs and alcohol and those who identify as family and friends. It’s held every Thursday at 7pm EST over Zoom. Click here to register. This is a gentle and comforting topic discussion meeting.

2. Custom Private Services

If you are looking for professional guidance for your specific family needs, we offer private services of family case management and family-system interventions. These services are customized to your family’s needs. All of Tipping Point’s private services include our group program, as our data shows this combination provides the best chance for lasting change.

You can book a free consultation with our team here to inquire further about private services.

3. Family Group Programs

The next live Recover My Family begins on July 26th, and is our most comprehensive training intensive. Think Family Intensive Outpatient, this robust program offers an outstanding expert line up of teachers, goes in depth into our family-centered recovery framework, and includes virtual classroom learning as well as weekly expert-led integration groups. This program has a satisfaction guarantee. You can learn all about it here. And if you join now, you will not have to wait to get started—we’ve included several jumpstart calls leading up to the official start date.

4. Personal Breakthrough Session

Finally, we’ve been hearing from a lot of people that you just want to jump on a call for an hour to get some professional help. So, we’ve created a way for you to do that. You can schedule a one-hour Personal Breakthrough Session here. This is a structured call where I will learn a bit about what’s going on for you right now and take you through our framework to help identify where you could most use support. The goal is for you to walk away from the call with a mini action plan so you can know how to move forward with your current situation.

Take what’s right for you.

There’s no pressure for you to participate in any of what I’ve shared here. Our desire is to continue to share with you each week and for you to take what you need when you need it. I’m sharing it, and will continue to do so, so that you know where and how to get what you need if and when that time comes.

If you have questions about anything I’ve mentioned, feel free to leave a comment below or email our team at

Happy and safe 4th!

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