This May Be Hard to Hear, but It’s Too Important Not to Say

May 8, 2023

“That’s harmful to say that,” a follower of mine commented over the weekend. She was referring to a TikTok I did saying this:

“Stop asking the drunk person to stop drunk driving. They are not hearing you!”

I went on to say that isn’t it true that for every person driving drunk, there likely is someone who knows they are driving yet isn’t intervening? I’ve learned over the years from hundreds of people who have told me “I just couldn’t stop her, I’m afraid to take his keys, she’d never speak to me again.”

My reply was, “To be honest, I feel it is harmful for me to not say it.”

I know it might be hard to hear some of our messages. But honestly, I’m not doing this to make friends.

I’m doing this because every day hundreds of savable people die.

Recently our team here at Tipping Point Recovery has been thinking a lot about what to call the work we do. What is the best title for our new Facebook community, for our new book, for our powerful and transformational programs and trainings?

Putting a title on what we do is a struggle.

How do we communicate the power of the transformation we see here in a way that helps the people who need it find us?

How do we grab your attention and wake you up so you can get the recovery conversation happening without cheapening what this is to some gimmick?

It’s not a gimmick.

What we teach at Tipping Point is not a quick fix or a magic trick. There’s no simple solution to the problem of addiction, because addiction is so complex.

What we teach is a (proven) framework for recovery that allows for all of us together to become stronger than the addiction. It’s giving you the tools to know how to intervene when your loved one tries to drive drunk. It’s teaching families to stop fighting the wrong thing.

Families are fighting their loved one, and we teach them how to fight the addiction. Addiction is taking over in their families because they don’t know another way, but that can change.

It’s our mission to change it.

Stay tuned for the title of this book that is in its final edits, and know that we seek to tell the truth with love.

And if you haven’t already, join our new Facebook community, Friends of Tipping Point—A Hub for Recovery Conversations. It’s free and open to the public, and we’d love to see you there.

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