The #1 Reason Most People Don’t Find Recovery.

and What You Must Know to Change That.

Are you the family member of an addict? Or a provider in the field of recovery?

  •         Do you feel frustrated with the broken system?
  •         Are you tired of waiting for your loved one to want help?
  •         Do you want to stop the enabling and are searching for answers to know what you can and should focus on instead?


Join me for this free webinar: The #1 Reason Most People Don’t Find Recovery, and What You Must Know to Change That.

 Here I will share what I have learned as The fact is: the addict is in treatment but cannot go down this path alone. The entire system needs to change.  In this 90-minute session, we are going to break down the concept of the “new normal” as it pertains to the recovery process. 

“Let’s recover as a whole family, so that our loved ones have the best possible chance for recovery” – Kate Duffy

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About Kate

Kate Duffy, Tipping Point Recovery

Kate Duffy has worked with hundreds of families and has witnessed, and lived, the unbelievable pain and destruction addiction causes.

The success rate of our family coaching program, Recovery Conversations, is unparalleled.

For the chaos to end, for families to be of maximum support to the person addicted, and to each other, families must position themselves to be recovery oriented, to greet their loved one, and each other, from a place of compassion and recovery versus frustration and fear.

438 people die in the US each day to drug and alcohol addiction.

Be. The. Recovery.


Kate Duffy is a seasoned pro when it comes to supporting individuals and families out of the darkness of addiction and into the light of recovery.  She brings to the table a rare combination of direct experience, hard-earned wisdom and a huge heart.

Anyone would be fortunate to have her guide them toward healing and true recovery.

Tommy Rosen

Addiction Recovery Expert, Founder Recovery 2.0

Recovering families say

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Two of My Favorite Recovery Tools

For two of my favorite recovery tools I’m about to dive into, in order for you to really get value from, there are five guiding principles I want you to understand first. These guiding principles are pulled from our Addiction Impact Assessment, which is accessible...

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I had a huge ah-ha moment during Christmas this year. I made a post about it in the Friends of Tipping Point Community; if you haven’t joined us in there yet, you can do so here. Here’s what I posted: “I had an ah-ha today.The true recovery destination, for me, is...

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