If you are the loved one of someone struggling with addiction, there’s only one thing left for you to do.


Stop asking the addicted to take charge of their addiction.

Stop feeling stuck in a state of fear and overwhelm, not knowing how to help.

Stop being trapped in the mental and physical chaos of their addiction.

Stop carrying the enormous weight of responsibility for saving their health, their life. Your family’s. Your own.

Stop thinking there is no way to recover from this.

How many times have you begged, pleaded or prayed, “I would give anything to make this madness stop. If only I knew what to do.”

This four-part video series is for you. In the first 10 minutes, you’ll discover exactly what’s been standing between your loved one and their recovery — and the truth might surprise you. You’ll learn just what to do to get your entire family on a healthier path now, not months or years from now when your loved one is “ready” or reaches “rock bottom.” And you’ll feel the immediate relief of finally being seen, supported and understood by others who started exactly where you are and remain committed to walking this daily journey by your side.

Stop waiting for your loved one to ask for help. If you wait until they’re ready, it’s probably too late.

You can become the Tipping Point™ in your loved one’s recovery.

You can bring more balance to your family and more peace to your life.

You can do something about their addiction.

Stop The Chaos: Introduction to

Recovery Conversations™

This transformational four-part family series is guaranteed to change your approach to your loved one’s addiction. You’ll learn how to:

Part 1: Uncover the Truth & Detox from Chaos

Part 2: Stop Being A Resource in Any Way

Part 3: Learn What to Do, When & How

Part 4: Stay in Your Lane & Orient Them to Recovery

All recordings are available for you right now. Watch them as often as you want. And start seeing and feeling positive changes right away.

For just $399, you’ll experience:

An Honest Look

  • See what’s really going on beneath the chaos of addiction.
  • Explore the inadvertant ways you’re likely participating in the addiction cycle.
  • Learn how to quickly move yourself and others onto a healthy path.





An Actionable Plan

Stop the Chaos is ready now, not weeks from now.

You’ll receive immediate, forever access to four, 60-minute family support trainings, each jam packed with information you can implement right away.

Watch the videos once, twice, as many times as you need. And yes, we encourage you to share them with your family to increase their impact.

A Long-Term Solution

Addiction doesn’t start and stop in a day. Your Stop the Chaos program includes the three things you need to break free from this cycle longterm, including:

  • Four-part Video Training sessions, including lifetime on-demand video replays
  • Shareable Resources to engage and involve the whole family
  • Access to Community through our private Stop the Chaos online family group

Here’s Exactly What You Get

PART 1: Uncover the Truth of Addiction & Detox from Chaos. (60 minute video)

Learn ways to put yourself in the right frame of mind so you can be present for your loved one and better able to inspire recovery for your whole family.

PART 2: Stop Being a Resource in Any Way.
(60 minute video)

Discover the subtle ways you inadvertently may have become a contributing factor in your loved one’s addiction. Learn to stop being a resource for the addiction in any way, and retrain yourself and your family to make recovery-oriented choices.

PART 3: Learn What to Do, When & How.
(60 minute video)

Learn the three essential components that will keep you grounded in your own lane, ensure you are helping your loved one without enabling, and orient your family to recovery. This transformative video is one you’ll frequently share with others and want to replay again and again.

PART 4: Stay in Your Lane & Orient Them to Recovery.
(60 minute video)

Become stronger than the frequency of addiction using Recovery Language™ and connecting conversations. Learn to proactively cultivate calm and embrace the peace, recovery and wellness that you and your family deserve.


Through Stop the Chaos, we are COMMITTED to getting you and your loved one on a better path. We’re so confident you’ll find peace, understanding and value in the strategies we teach that we offer an unconditional FULL REFUND.

Simply watch Part 1 in its entirety to see if the program works for you. If after completing Part 1, you truly feel “Stop the Chaos” isn’t for you and your family, we’re happy to refund your investment. You have nothing to lose here and SO much health, support, and peace to gain. Let us help you find that path for your family now.

Just imagine…

  • No more confusion. Learn exactly what to do and when.
  • No more feelings of hopelessness. Learn how to get your voice back.
  • Never feel helpless again!  You’ll learn to surround yourself with strength.
  • Get the skills you need to get through to your loved one so you both can live the life you deserve.

You’re not alone.
You’re in the right place.
We’ve got you.

A Final Word from Our Founder, Kate

Dear Family,

I want you to have what my family needed. I want to help you and your family find recovery. I created this program so you can avoid the things that kept me stuck, that fed my lies and fueled my addiction. I want you to be an active part of your loved one’s recovery, instead of leaving them alone to fend for themselves. I want you to have the kind of support my family never had. I want you to hear from families who stopped the chaos like I did, and are so grateful they found this solution.

Are you ready to face the truth?

Are you scared, fed up, wondering why will this time be any different? Because it’s this time, and you’re here. I promise.

Once you learn these proven steps for how to best support your loved one, you will know peace again.

See you in the training!


P.S. All you have to do is decide. Decide that this time, things will be different. Whether you choose to take this training or take another path, make a decision to do something different now. It will change your life and the life of your loved one. I’m rooting for you!