Sobriety Check-In with Austin Karr

June 13, 2024

I recently was a guest on an episode of Austin Karr’s TikTok live series called Sobriety Check-In. 

Austin is a sobriety and transformation coach who I found on TikTok this year, and I instantly felt a connection with his message, his work, and him as a person.

In this interview, we talk about my own journey to recovery, we discuss how I started working with families, and we take a closer look at my book Dear Family, Why Your Loved One Won’t Accept Help and How to Help Them Anyway.

Specific topics from the book that we talked about are:

  • What’s your loop
  • Finding your lane
  • The assessments
  • What you CAN do to help your loved one
  • The importance of finding your people

Watch the full interview in our Friends of Tipping Point online community. It’s a beautiful, open conversation, and as Austin put it—it’s just the beginning.

We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible with recovery.

Make sure to follow Austin on TikTok if you don’t already, and let me know in the comments (1) what your favorite moment from the interview was, and (2) one takeaway you got from the book.

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