Tipping Point™ Recovery Services

Our proven Tipping Point™ method empowers, strengthens, and heals the family system in the way we deal with, manage, and respond to the cunning and baffling illness of addiction. When even one family member begins the change needed through support, guidance, education & resources to help them understand what’s really going on with addiction and how to unplug from it, it creates a new path toward recovery for the entire family system, providing the best chance of lasting recovery for your loved one.

Our results demonstrate a high rate of success as we recover a whole family system giving your loved one the absolute best chance of success.

Our services are designed with the following beliefs in mind:

No addict wants to live the way they are living.
They are not broken, the systems around them are.
We don’t need to wait for things to get worse before embracing a solution.
You need help knowing what to do that will actually help.

We are experts at doing just that. 

Group Family Programs

Our group family programs offer comprehensive education, community, tools & resources unlike anything else out there. Ranging from four weeks to year long, these programs will help you stop the chaos of addiction in your life, recover your family, and help your loved one find a lasting solution.

Custom Private Services

Our private services are customized to meet your and your family’s needs through a carefully tailored plan. Professional guidance is provided every step of the way to prepare you, educate you, strengthen & support you while working together to give your loved one the best chance for success.

Let’s Change the Numbers

We just completed our very first beta Stop the Chaos Study Group, and I’ve been deep into studying the results to see what we can do to make the next one even better (more details on the next one in a minute!). The goal of the study group was to provide live support to those who purchased our Stop the Chaos video training, which gives you...

Knowing Is Not Enough

Last week was the 11th anniversary of the death of a very special young man who lost his life at the young age of 18. His name was Brian Hoeflinger. He was a star student, a great friend, and an all around kind-hearted person who was driving his car when he died. He was drunk. A year later, his dad wrote a book called, “The Night He Died,” and I...

What Creates a Willingness to Get Sober?

“She ‘just’ needs to….” UGH. It’s all I hear these days. My wife/husband/daughter/son/etc. “just” needs to do x, y, z.  Trust me, I get the frustration of someone who isn’t willing to do what you know they should do, but here is the hard truth: They have a brain disorder.  Brain. Dis-Order. Brain. Out of order.  Of course, they do...

When I first called Kate

"When I first called Kate, I referred to my brother as a lying manipulative jerk!  I now can comfortably say that my love for him is unconditional yet my support of him is conditional. I will not support his addiction in any way. I feel so free and he is in treatment." – A Sister

Education empowers

Community strengthens

Tools & Resources create a bridge
to heal

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