Two payment options are available for Recovery Conversations™ Immersion Program. This membership is a 12 month program and includes the 12-week Recovery Conversations Intensive when it is held throughout the year.  Please scroll down to choose whether you would like to pay in full with a savings or subscribe to the monthly payment option.

In addition, at the bottom of the page, you will find an option to sponsor another family in need of assistance who could benefit from this program.

Recovery Conversations™ Immersion Twelve Month Membership
Pay In Full

Save by paying your yearly membership in full at $1000/year.

This payment supports your membership 12 months.

Recovery Conversations™ Immersion Twelve Month Membership
Pay $110 monthly for 12 months

This payment plan supports a full year membership.

Sponsorship Opportunity

YES, I want to sponsor a family who can only benefit from this program with financial support. All sponsorship dollars will be directly given to assisting families in need.

Please let us know if you’d like your sponsorship to remain anonymous, or if you’re interested in us letting the family know of your support. You can indicate your choice by entering just your first and last name OR by entering your first and last name and “Anonymous” in the name box below. (For example, “Sarah Smith” OR “Sarah Smith Anonymous”)

Please enter the amount of your contribution below:
Or any other amount that feels right to you