Connecting Families to Recovery & Healing

Recovery Conversations™ Professional Training Certification

June 15 – September 28, 2021

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

Recovery Conversations™ Professional Training

RCPT is a 16-week comprehensive & professional training

 including our signature program, 12-week Recovery Conversations Intensive, a practicum and an internship, all in one.

JOIN US as we guide families on a personal discovery journey.

A Training    ♦    A Practicum    ♦    A Transformational Experience


Learn The Art of Engagement

The art of engagement is accessing your inner knowing,  using your intuition to connect people to their ‘yes’. 

Learn to discover the windows of willingness amidst the cloud of resistance. 

Learn to perceive and to engage families to say yes to themselves and to the potential for recovery. 

Follow the steps I teach you and you will have tools to ‘yes’.

Gain Powerful Assesment Tools

  • Addiction Impact Assessment Use our family impact assessment to help families discover where they are on their recovery path. 
  • Stages Of Change  Using the stages of change, we learn how to meet people where they are at and to tailor our delivery  to connect them with the solution.  
  • Motivational Interviewing  A client-centered approach to  elicit change and help explore and resolve ambivalence. 
  • Family Constellations   You will hear from a family systems expert on the generational patterns that become instilled and how to break free from these old conditions. 

Understand Holistic Family Recovery

  • Tipping Point Recovery Model  Learn our proven model, how and why it began and the results it delivers. 
  • Discover how to create change within the fractured system  Learn the multiple ways we can work with the current system to treat the whole person.
  • Challenge your own beliefs  Explore your own inner beliefs about family systems.
  • Observe and study family systems  In real time, you will have the opportunity to follow and study a family as they move through the stages of change, from despair to hope, from feeling unworthy to worthy, from weak to strong and from complaining and blaming to BE-ing the recovery they seek for their family and loved one. 

To Become a Recovery Conversations™ Coach

Program Includes: 

16 Mastermind Calls

12 Training Sessions + 6 Small Groups

Professional Forum

Family Forum

4 Private Coaching Calls (1-1)

I’m looking for peas from the same pod!

Do you get super charged up when you hear me (and others) talk about the idea of treating the whole family system?

Those who have taken these trainings with me feel like they are peas in the same pod to me.  You’ll know if that’s you

I have just a few spots left in this truly unique opportunity, and it is by invitation-only. This is not being offered to the public until a later date.  I’m looking to train and certify in our model so you can go change the world and perhaps even join our team when we’re ready to hire. 

If you truly want to make a massive difference, if you totally GET why I’m doing what I’m doing, please apply to join us.  It’s going to be like nothing you’ve ever done, it’s truly transformational.

I am putting it ALL on the table for 16 full weeks and am looking for others who want to turn the industry upside down with me. 

See you in the training!


P.S.  Earl Hightower, Tommy Rosen, Fell Cadwallader and other experts are joining us on this journey!   Let’s do this. 

What Others Are Saying…

Recovery Professional

I have been in many of Kate’s trainings and I’m always beyond happy I did.  Kate didn’t disappoint, this training is a game changer.   During the family course, we really got up close with families and I was honestly a bit surprised to see how identical the journey is for the family.  Addiction causes the family to behave in the same ways an active addict does.  Therefore, the family unit needs recovery just as much as the active addict. Giving the family the same opportunity to heal is a significant step in learning how to navigate life while a loved one is struggling.

Treatment Center Owner

Recovery Conversations Coach Training was vital in understanding and working with families and their loved ones enrolled in our recovery program. At first, I thought we would start our own program for families at our treatment center, but quickly realized it is just as in depth and complex as helping the families heal and transform as it is the addict.  We refer our families to Tipping Point Recovery now!