Recovery Conversations™ Coach Apprenticeship
October 2020- March 2021

Be The Change you Want To See In The World.


5 Month Apprenticeship

The RCC Internship is an opportunity to continue your journey in the Recovery Conversations™ Coach Training Program for 5-months, to roll your sleeves up in this community of families and to further your growth as a Recovery Conversations™ Coach. This is by invitation-only. 

In this 5 month program you will continue to learn and deepen your understanding of the Recovery Conversations Coaching model, roll your sleeves up to

  • observe
  • study
  • support
  • facilitate
  • coach families

both individually and in groups and find your personal strength and unique gifts as it pertains to supporting families in recovery.

Family Recovery is possible with you!
This apprenticeship will include:
Mastermind Calls:
2 mastermind calls each month
Community Supported:
Access to Recovery Conversations™ Mastery Program
(5) - 40 Minute Private Coaching Sessions with Kate
Additional Training Calls with Expert Faculty 

BE the recovery you want to see in others.

You will be asked to maintain a strong personal recovery program during the duration of the program. You are a power of example for the members of our community and will learn to balance how to be a student and a teacher of the work by maintaining impeccable boundaries. 

There will be opportunities for a deeper dive into specific projects such as, but not limited to, the study of intervention, learning to assess the stages of the family journey, how the lessons of RC tie into the coaching model, how to measure success and assessing family progress, how to engage and enroll families, etc.

Be. The. Recovery.
Suggested Readings:
  • Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Loving Lions, Michael Wilson
  • Sacred Contracts, Caroline Myss
  • Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukov
  • Codependent No More, Melanie Beattie
  • Recovery 2.0
Suggested Online Meetings:
  • Codependents Anonymous
  • Al-Anon
  • ACOA

My commitment to you:
I will teach you, mentor you, stretch you, show up fully, give you all I have, give you access to the community of families and to the materials I’m creating.

What I ask of you:

That you maintain a strong personal recovery program as this is the foundation of your ability to contribute. Remember what I am building here is far greater than any of us and please hold integrity around the materials of Recovery Conversations™.  Please ask for what you need, show up fully and continue to be a student of this work. Dream big as you seek to find your place in the world of family recovery.

Be. The. Recovery.
$3000 PIF or $600 per month

About Kate

Kate Duffy has been an inspirational teacher and catalyst for change for over 30 years. In her 20’s she was the founding director of Evergreen Day School, a non-profit early childhood program in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Kate created Evergreen because she wanted a place where the curriculum was initiated by children and a community was created for families. A graduate of Lesley University with a BS in Education, Kate went on to be a consultant and trainer in the field of education.

Kate became passionate about changing the language of recovery after facing her own battle with substance use. Tipping Point Recovery, Inc. opened in 2018 in response to requests from Insurance Companies and Treatment Facilities for recovery coaching, recovery oriented training and interventions.

Kate is creating a movement of families recovering from the sickness of family addiction, for the individuals she’s working with, and now they accompany her when she speaks at treatment facilities. “Its hard enough to scrape up any amount of self-worth to begin the path to wellness, let alone face the wreckage we have caused our families. Families must be part of the solution or we won’t ever get ahold of this”.

Kate is free from all addictions – alcohol and drugs, codependency, cigarettes and now sugar and recognizes all addictions as a desire to ‘leave oneself’. The more progressed the addiction, the greater the desire to leave. At any cost!

“Today, I love and care for myself like I never have, I love my life and am deeply committed to my mission and I’ll die trying to understand why some get it and some don’t.”