Private Coaching

Get 1-1 access to Kate for specialized support to help with your specific situation.

How It Works


1. Select Your Package

From the options below, click the button for the coaching package you would like, and complete your payment.

2. Schedule Your First Call

Use the coupon code and the scheduling link in your confirmation email to schedule your coaching calls. Calls are booked individually.

3. Complete the Prep Form

When scheduling each coaching call, make sure to complete the prep form questions in order to make the most of your session.

4-Session Package

Four 30-minute coaching calls with Kate.


10-Session Package

Ten 30-minute coaching calls with Kate.


Late/No-Show Policy: Our policy gives you a courtesy 10 minutes to attend your 1:1 call.  If you do not show up to the call, it will be labeled as a no-show and you forfeit the call.  No refunds.  No rescheduling.

When I first called Kate

"When I first called Kate, I referred to my brother as a lying manipulative jerk!  I now can comfortably say that my love for him is unconditional yet my support of him is conditional. I will not support his addiction in any way. I feel so free and he is in treatment." – A Sister

It’s so hard to shake

"It’s so hard to shake these enabling habits that had become my way of being without a community and Kate to guide me. I love this community and honestly can’t imagine my life without everyone here." – A Mom

When I mind my own business

"When I mind my own business and stay in my lane, I recover.  When I mind someone else’s business and go into their lane, I am blocking their potential to learn and grow. Kate works in such a unique way and I love all that I am learning." – A Dad

I was at a point

"I was at a point in my life where I thought I had to put up with living with an alcoholic and I felt that I was dying slowly. I had lost myself to his addiction. Today, I pause when agitated, I pause when I’m needing to make a decision and today, I have a decision-making framework. We are all sober!" – A Wife

Need Assistance?

Reach out to our team at for help booking your coaching package.