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As a Mastery Family, you'll receive...

MONTHLY Town Hall 

(12 Meetings | Value $3000)

The first week of each month, this live meeting will connect you with the Mastery community, share how your recovery journey is going, focus on a recovery teaching, led by Kate Duffy.


Integration Group (LOVED ONE Focused)

(12 Groups | Value $6,000)

This integration group is held on the second week of each month and is led by an expert Interventionist and is designed to help you always navigate and be prepared with what you can do to orient your loved one toward their path.


Integration Group (YOU Focused!)

(12 Groups | Value $6,000)

The third week of each month is dedicated entirely to you!  Heal your trauma, understand your recovery journey and unfold the tanglement from codependency. This group is led by therapists, healers and experts in codependency.


Recovery Panel

(12 Panels | Value $3000)

The Recovery Panel is held the fourth week of each month. Here is where you continue to build hope as you listen to the experience, strength and hope of recovering addicts, alcoholics and family recovering pairs.


Access to Recovery Conversations™ Intensive

(Value $4,997)

Full access to the RCI 12 week curriculum to retake any time you need reinforcement and as you invite others in your family to join you, they can jump into the curriculum. Join live calls as they are offered throughout the year, including all lessons, coaching calls, and bonuses.


Coffee Chats


Social hours to connect with your recovery friends in the Mastery community!


Recovery Buddy


A program buddy for ongoing connection and support.


Online Community


Continued 24/7 Community Forum-support from a large community of others on a recovery path, coaches and faculty.


Resource Library


Revisit the Intensive Course replays, Integration Groups, along with dozens of other bonus calls, book suggestions, and additional resources.


2 Exclusive Retreats

(2 Events | Value $1,994)

  • Virtual Retreat: Two full days with community, education & tools!
  • In-Person Retreat: 3 day retreat held someplace beautiful!

    Location and dates TBD

Services On Demand

For those moments...we've got you.

  • Would you like some help to better connect with your loved one?
  • Are you looking to help your loved one stay in treatment longer?
  • Is your loved one willing to get some form of treatment but isn’t sure what type or where to go?

 Individual/Family Coaching

In need of some 1-1 support for yourself? Looking for recovery coaching for your loved one?  Coaching calls with TPR Coaches are available as individual sessions or in packages of 4 and 10 calls for cost savings.

Family Case Management

Case management is a confluence of services for the moments you're stuck and in need of bridging support, keeping your loved one in treatment, accessing different levels of treatment and family coaching, support and aftercare planning and research.


Our family system interventions provide an educational, intentional and solution based approach to support someone who doesn't know the help they need. Request packet for full details of our proven solution based process.

RECOVERY IS possible for your family
What Grads are saying...

Almost a year ago, I found  Kate Duffy...

...through a young man that was helping me with my son. Shortly after, I began a journey I had for so long looked for. A journey of Peace and Healing not only for my son but for me and my family. I am happy to say my son is doing well. Within this year, not only has my son had the Blessing of recovery but also my nephew and my niece are also doing the hard work of fighting to recover….I truly think that this is happening because of Kate Duffy’s program, and that through me we are all learning on how to deal with addiction and know it is a disease but that boundaries need to be in place. Sorry for this long comment but this is a testimony to how GREAT this program is.

- Maria, Mom

To all the families who are thinking about joining TPR...

...If you’re ready to honestly, bravely, lovingly move toward a peace you do not yet know; if you’re looking to surround yourselves with people who truly understand your anxiety, pain and fear; if you’re ready to share and unload what weighs heavy in your hearts; and if you’re ready to be mentored, guided and educated by a an intelligent, experienced woman who has built a program like no other, specifically to support you; then there’s no reason to prolong your hurt and suffering. Join us. It’s not easy, but you’re about to heal. Look to those who have worked this program. Ask us the hard questions. Kate has changed our lives. Literally.

- Sue, Sister

This is what Recovery sounds like...

...Last night my husband and I had our first family counseling session with our daughter. Today we received a text from her thanking us for our support. A year ago I was living in fear of what's next. We have grown so much in this past year, and her note brought tears of hope. Thank you Kate Duffy. Recovery works if you work it. And you're worth it, so work it! Never give up hope.

- Tricia, Mom

About Our Teachers, Experts & Guest Faculty

Kate Duffy is a Family Addiction Specialist and Interventionist. She is a catalyst for change who has been inspiring recovery and healing since she got sober herself in 2013.

After facing and overcoming her own battle with substance abuse, Kate saw and felt the missing pieces at the recovery initiative tipping point. She has since made it her life’s mission to bring families into the recovery conversation. Through hundreds of interventions, Kate has created a proven family recovery model where families are empowered to rise above the frequency of addiction. When families heal, their loved ones can.

Kate founded Tipping Point Recovery, Inc. and created Recovery Conversations™, a recovery model that takes a holistic view of the individual within the family system. She is now sharing her program internationally so she can help more individuals and their families to recover and heal.

Kate knows that successful, long-lasting recovery must bring together the individual, the family and the treatment facility.

Healing can begin at home. 


Addiction Recovery Expert and Founder of Tipping Point Recovery, Inc.

For over 35 years, Earl Hightower has worked on the front lines of addiction and recovery. The unique perspective that only behavioral health intervention work can offer caused Earl to recognize that the greatest gap in addiction services is during the first 60 days following residential treatment.

Hightower Associates is the first of its kind to develop a series of companies that wrap the 30-90 day clinical service and expand the services offered our clients for up to one year.  We recognize that we are dealing with chronic, not acute issues.  This arc of treatment increases the success rate for effective transition into recovery exponentially.


Addiction Recovery Expert and Certified Interventionist

“Kate is a Black Belt in Al-Anon!  I’ve witnessed her doing her work—it’s not a job to Kate Duffy. It’s a CALLING. And she’s the one you want to call.”

Michael created the Family-Focused Intervention Model (CFI) and has designed a comprehensive training program for educating professionals and interventionists available nationwide, and is recognized as an approved educator by NAADAC, Pennsylvania Certification Board, and NASW National Association for Social Workers.

As a person in long-term recovery from Substance Use Disorder, Michael has used both his personal experience and his professional experience to help families and individuals in need navigate the rough terrain of the addiction industry. He has spent years building strong relationships with quality programs and local resources to better serve the community.

Michael’s approach has helped countless families find peace amidst the chaos of addiction by educating them on the ways that they can change and improve the family system around their struggling loved one to promote healthy change and a better chance for success in recovery from addiction.


President of Baystate Recovery Center and Certified Interventionist

“Kate is a powerhouse for families! She is an amazing source of strength, knowledge, and support for families."

Rhys Thomas is a visionary author of the international best selling book,  “Discover Your Purpose,  How To Use The 5 Life Purpose Profiles To Unlock Your Hidden Potential And Live The Life You Were Meant To Live.” He is a speaker and trainer in the energy healing field, a Shift Network faculty member and the creator of the 4 Dimensional Transformational Healing System that is taught exclusively at the Rhys Thomas Institute and in the Rhys Method® coaching programs.

Rhys has 20 years’ experience in energy healing and transformational practice. He founded the Rhys Thomas Institute in 2005 where he teaches hundreds of students each year how to align with their unique purpose, optimize their energy body and chakras,  and embody their soul joyfully

He is a certified energy medicine practitioner, a 2nd Degree Black Belt with 25 year martial arts training and a Reiki Master. Before entering the healing arts, he had a successful 27-year career as a tennis professional and was a national speaker for the tennis industry.

Founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute for Energy Medicine

“Kate is a pioneer in a totally humanistic approach of empowering addicts and their families to heal and move back into wholeness.”

Tommy is a yoga teacher and addiction recovery expert who has spent the last two decades immersed in recovery and wellness. He holds advanced certifications in both Kundalini and Hatha Yoga and has 28 years of continuous recovery from drug addiction. Tommy is the founder of the Recovery 2.0 Global Community, the Recovery 2.0 Online Conference series and the Recovery 2.0 Group Coaching Program.


Addiction Recovery Expert, Founder Recovery 2.0

Kate Duffy is a seasoned pro when it comes to supporting individuals and families out of the darkness of addiction and into the light of recovery.  She brings to the table a rare combination of direct experience, hard-earned wisdom and a huge heart.

Anyone would be fortunate to have her guide them toward healing and true recovery.

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Recovery Conversations™

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  • Monthly Town Hall Meetings & Recovery Panels
  • 2 Integration Groups per month
  • Full Recovery Conversations library

  • Monthly Coffee Chats
  • Online Community
  • Exclusive Retreats
Yes! I'm in!

Recovery Conversations™

Get the all-access 12-month membership...

  • Monthly Town Hall Meetings & Recovery Panels
  • 2 Integration Groups per month
  • Full Recovery Conversations library

  • Monthly Coffee Chats
  • Online Community
  • Exclusive Retreats
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