Have You Heard of Double Circle Meeting?

August 15, 2023
A photo taken from above of several hands clasped together in a tight circle.

Every Thursday evening we have a little thing we call Double Circle Meeting. It’s one of our free, public resources (along with our online community) that we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of.

What is Double Circle Meeting?

The concept for Double Circle Meeting came from my wish for a recovery meeting that brings everyone to the table—the alcoholic and the family. As an alcoholic, when I first went into AA I remember thinking, Why doesn’t my family know these things? Now with Double Circle Meeting, they can.

It’s a recovery meeting where families get to listen to alcoholics recover, which is helpful because it’s really the same journey. And alcoholics get to watch families recover, which is so much fun for me to watch because they’re kinda blown away by it. It can be so healing for both sides to witness and learn from the other.

That’s what this meeting really is: quiet listening and learning from each other so we can all heal together.

Who is it for?

Double Circle Meeting is free and open to the public. Anyone can attend, whether you are in recovery from drugs and alcohol or identify as family and friends.

What can you expect?

The invitation for this meeting is for you to talk about yourself. There’s a topic each week—a word or a phrase—that we discuss, and the idea is for you to share whatever that topic brings up for you.

There’s no cross talk in the meeting, which means after someone shares, no one is allowed to comment, criticize, or disagree with what was said. Each person says what they want to say, and that truth is simply held.

The meeting is held over Zoom, so if you’re nervous at first you’re welcome to stay off camera. You can also come and just listen for your first meeting, if you’re too shy to share.

We also invite each participant to share what they’re in recovery from. People say anything from drugs and alcohol addiction to codependency and low self-esteem. If you don’t know yet, that’s okay too.

Why do people love it?

“It’s eye opening for the families as well as for the addicts because we kind of see, ‘Hey, you know, I’m not alone. We’re all kind of in this together.’ Being around people that are going through or have gone through similar things and feeling validated with your feelings is really cool.”

– Laurie

“Hearing vulnerable perspectives from those that I feel a common bond and connection to opens my heart in ways that other 12 step meetings lack. There is an added element that I don’t experience at an NA, AA, ACA, CODA, or Al Anon meeting…as a result it feels more inclusive. I get to be part of a rich community. It validates my experiences and honors those in my family as well.”

– Jen

“I am excited! When both the addicts and the “normies” share, it gives the opportunity for all to realize we all have journeys, addictions and -ism’s…and the space to see how we all affect each other…so powerful for everyone to share experience, strength and hope! Level playing field for everyone!”

– Sue

“Double Circle brings those who have substance use disorder (SUD) and those who are recovering from trying to manage the SUD of a loved one together so that we can have the delicious joy of seeing that this is not actually about ‘addiction’ in the way society has taught us. This is about learning how to live fully as a human being, connecting with others and seeing the common beauty in them and ourselves. It takes away the blame and shame and allows in the healing when we see that commonality. Double Circle is a cauldron of magic healing for all who come to it.”

– Sarah

How can I attend?

The meeting is held every Thursday at 7:00 pm EST over Zoom. Register here. (Feel free to share the registration link with others you know who could benefit from this healing community space.) Once you register, you’ll get weekly email reminders with the Zoom link.

Share with me below, have you ever attended a Double Circle Meeting? If so, what do you like about it?

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  1. Jeffrey McLeod

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