Going Back To Where It All Started

April 3, 2023

In a little less than two weeks, I am gratefully celebrating 10 years sober. It’s truly only one day at a time, but this one has really been causing me to do a lot of reflecting. 

A lot of reflecting. Some days…maybe even too much reflecting.

Anyway, people often ask me, “What are you gonna do on your anniversary to celebrate?” and my response is always, “Probably go to a meeting!” My favorite way to celebrate my recovery, every day, is to be with people in recovery.   

But this one feels different. 

And just this morning in my meditation, I realized what I want to do on April 14th this year.   

I want to go to Fitchburg, Massachusetts for the day.

I want to see Mark Leary, I want to see Chief Martineau, I want to see Judge Locanto, and I want to see Jimmy. 

Mark was my partner on the grant when we went to the ER every day to help people who had just experienced an overdose. This is where the inspiration for how Tipping Point™ began

Chief Martineau tirelessly tried to do things differently in his community. He asked me to go with his officers in his police cars and ride along, stopping people on the street to offer them help. 

Judge Loconto would see me sitting in his courtroom with people, supporting them in early recovery, and he would always help them find treatment over jail.

One day an officer and I knocked on an apartment door to offer help. That’s when I met Jimmy. 

So after this morning’s meditation, I emailed the judge, the chief, and my friend Mark to let them know I will be there for the day and would love to see them. Within minutes, I got a text on my phone from a number I didn’t recognize.

It was Jimmy. ❤️

Jimmy was sitting next to Mark in Mark’s office when my email came in, because it turns out Jimmy now works with Mark in recovery!

Jimmy left jail with nothing. Absolutely nothing. Look where he is today. Someone in early recovery needs only 2 things — love and recovery support. That’s it.

Text message exchange that reads:
Unknown number: Hey I will see you April 14th. Congratulations on 10 years, and I know everything; Fitchburg is a small town

Kate: Hahahahaha. Jimmy??
Kate: Omg, you just brought such a smile to my face

Jimmy: Okay, I'll see you April 14th. You got my number

The smile this brought to my face, the tears this sprung to my eyes, and the love it filled in my heart! ❤️

This is what I want to do on my anniversary. 

Fitchburg, I can’t wait to see you!!  ❤️❤️

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  1. Carol Volpe

    Wow! Congratulations on your 10 years Kate! You continue to be an inspiration to all who meet and get to know you. So many families are in a better place today because of Tipping Point! So thankful for the impact of these 5 people -as it inspired T.P. I continue to be grateful for the path Tipping Point has put me and my family on.

    • Kate Duffy

      Much love to you Carol! 🙂

  2. Joan Donnelly

    Congratulations Kate! I wish I could see you but we’re supposed to leave for a road trip on the 13th. Matthew is still sober and working alot. He and his girlfriend have twin girls 8 months old today! I’m so glad we had you to guide us . Matt’s recovery is astonishing and we will be forever grateful ❣️

    • Kate Duffy

      Aww love to you and your beautiful family Joan. Say hi to Matt. That’s amazing!! XOX

  3. Jackie Esielionis

    So, so special. They also need to see how far you have brought the program and to hear all about your successes. Happy 10th anniversary, Kate.

    • Kate Duffy

      Thank you Jackie!!! Indeed.

  4. Bonnie

    Congratulations Kate! Would live to see you if that works.

    • Kate Duffy

      Thank you Bonnie. It looks like we will have a meet up at montachusett recovery center from 4-5! Would love to see you.

  5. Jan Duston

    Congratulations Kate! You are an inspiration to so many! I could;dn’t think of a better way to celebrate #10 sober years!
    Love, Jan (and Bill)

    • Kate Duffy

      Thanks so much Jan and Bill!

  6. Stephanie

    Congratulations Kate! You were my first person back in 2016. I’d love to meet up with you if possible so you can meet the little one. If it works better let me know what meeting you are going to and I will be there!

    • Kate Duffy

      Thank you Steph! I’ll be at the Montachusett Recovery Center from 4-5 on Friday the 14th. If you’re around, would love to see you!


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