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Leveraging family to improve outcomes 

Finally a private and confidential community where you get live expert guidance with practical and trusted resources to navigate the fractured addiction treatment system. We will support you and your loved one on this bumpy ride all within one powerful community.

Hear what people say:

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone

Whether you just discovered your loved one is struggling or you have been trying to help them for years and years…

Addiction is cunning, baffling and sneaky.

Addiction requires long term treatment.

Yet, addiction is treatment resistent.

Your problem is their drinking.

Their solution is their drinking.

Recovery is about learning to live life without substances.

You don’t have to keep guessing your way through this problem.

You don’t have to keep asking the same questions without answers.

You don’t have to make knee jerk reactions or wait for the next crisis to hit.

And you don’t have to sit back and do nothing, like so many families are told.


We are your pocket guide.

The worlds first ever Help Us Navigate Recovery program. 

You have the power to make a drastic difference for your loved one.

We’ll show you how.

Family Recovery is the key to lasting recovery

Our Family Recovery Intensive will strengthen and empower you to stand up to the addiction in your family’s life, navigate the treatment and recovery process, and make the changes necessary to give your loved one the absolute best chance for success. You’ll get regular access to Interventionists, leading experts, coaching sessions, trainings, a robust online community, and hours and hours of unmatched content in our member area, you’ll have everything you need to achieve lasting recovery for your family.


Reconnect with your loved one in a meaningful way


Become a resource for recovery


Get support from like-minded families on a similar path


Know where to turn for help


Establish healthy boundaries and recovery practices


Reclaim your voice and reconnect with yourself

Tricia, A Mom

“I had been active in Al-Anon for several years before joining Kate’s group. I was in pain and desperate to find solutions to save my daughter…[This program] offers powerful and healing concepts that accelerate possibilities for healing the family disease of addiction. Thank you Kate Duffy! And to all who show up so vulnerably in this group.”


Monthly Town Hall

The first week of each month, this live meeting will connect you with the Family community, be an opportunity to share how your recovery journey is going, and focus on a recovery teaching, led by our leadership team.

Loved One Focused Integration Group

Join one of our expert interventionists the second Tuesday of each month for this integration group designed to answer your ‘in the moment questions’ and help you navigate what you can do to orient your loved one toward their path.

YOU Focused Integration Group

Heal your trauma, learn to manage all the feelings you have, understand your recovery journey, and unfold the entanglement from codependency. This group is led by therapists, healers and experts in codependency, and happens the third week of each month.

Recovery Panel

This session is where you hear from those who’ve been there.  Join this session to continue to build hope while learning about the disease of addiction through the experience, strength, and perseverance of recovering addicts, alcoholics and family recovering pairs.

Robust Resource Library

Featuring replays of all live sessions as well as bonus workshops, interviews, meditations, group healings, book suggestions, and additional resources.

Private Online Community

Continued 24/7 Community Forum support from a large community of others on a recovery path, coaches and faculty.

Two Exclusive Retreats

Virtual Retreat: November 3-4, 2023.  Two day, held over Zoom, with community, speakers, educational workshops & tools!

In-Person Retreat: June 2-4 2023.  A three-day retreat held someplace beautiful where members gather for coveted connection, meals, shared recovery conversations, workshops, healing and powerful recovery.


Our Family Recovery Intensive families receive free access to all other Tipping Point™ Family Recovery Programs, like our introductory training Stop the Chaos.

Facebook post by Pat W. that reads, "Allen and I feel like we've gained so much through our involvement with this group and Kate's information. And we are especially thankful to have been working directly with Kate for advice and support; what a difference. We were able to come to a plan, have our 'statements' ready to repeat, and have more confidence in our approach. I think just knowing that we are working with Kate has had an impact (and James agreed to meet with Kate once which I think also made a difference....she's someone more real to him). Even though our contract didn't get off the ground before James violated it, his interactions with us were totally different and such a relief. He packed up on his own and made plans for where to least for tonight. 'Just for today' felt good. Thank you, Kate Duffy, and Tipping Point."
Facebook comment left by Suzanne Genereux that says, "To all the families who are thinking about joining TPR, if you're ready to honestly, bravely, lovingly move toward a peace you do not yet know; if you're looking to surround yourselves with people who truly understand your anxiety, pain, and fear; if you're ready to share and unload what weighs heavy in your hearts; and if you're ready to be mentored, guided and educated by an intelligent, experienced woman who has built a program like no other, specifically to support you; then there's no reason to prolong your hurt and suffering.  Join us. It's not easy, but you're about to heal. Look to those who have worked this program. Ask us the hard questions. Kate has changed our lives. Literally."
A Facebook post by Jennifer that reads, "#grateful My son just called me just to check on me to see how I've been since I had covid and my breathing hasn't been the best. He said he thought it would be good to check on me and see how I was doing. He is happy and engaging not the sick and suffering person he was last summer. He talked to me about going to a Red Sox game and the Franklin Park Zoo with his housemates, working out with a new counselor in the house and that he liked how the counselor pushed him to do his best. We talked for about a half hour about it all the good the not so good and the okay. This is all so priceless to me! I am so grateful to Tipping Point for making all of this possible for me and my family!! Thank you again and again and again!!"

Expert Interventionists Always Available

Our On-Demand Services are available for those moments when you need them.


Individual/Family Coaching


Family Case Management


Family Contract for your loved one while living at home


Soberlink test monitoring


Intervention and Alternative Intervention

About Your Teachers

Rys Thomas

Kate Duffy, CFI, Founder & CEO

Kate Duffy is an Interventionist and Family Addiction Expert. She is a catalyst for change who has been inspiring recovery and healing since she got sober herself in 2013.

After facing and overcoming her own battle with substance use, Kate saw and felt the missing pieces at the recovery initiative tipping point™. She has since made it her life’s mission to bring families into the recovery conversation™.  Through hundreds of interventions, Kate created a proven and unprecedented family recovery model where families are empowered to begin the change needed so that their loved one can do the same.  

Kate founded Tipping Point™ Recovery, Inc. and created Recovery Conversations™ the first recovery model that takes a holistic view of the individual. She is now sharing her program nationally so she can help more people and families to recover and heal. 

Kate knows that successful, long-lasting recovery must bring together the client, the family and the treatment facility. Because of this unique perspective, she has changed the language of recovery for true healing. 

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson, CIP, CFI

Michael Wilson is a nationally recognized Certified Intervention professional (CIP), and the author of Loving Lions: A Guide for Families Struggling with Addiction.

As a person in long-term recovery from Substance Use Disorder, Michael has used both his personal experience and his professional experience to help families and individuals in need navigate the rough terrain of the addiction industry. He has spent years building strong relationships with quality programs and local resources to better serve the community.

Michael’s approach has helped countless families find peace amidst the chaos of addiction by educating them on the ways that they can change and improve the family system around their struggling loved one to promote healthy change and a better chance for success in recovery from addiction.

Michael Wilson

Corey Beaver, CFI

For a decade, Corey’s substance abuse led him to his worst, making continuous wrong turns. Corey had entered sober living four times before his fifth and final attempt at salvaging his life and relationships. At his lowest point, he was ready for a change, and he has not looked back.

Corey may not be where he is today without the ones who helped push him through early sobriety and those that challenge him today.

He desires to help struggling addicts obtain sobriety and has a passion for helping their loved ones navigate the journey. Addiction is considered a three fold illness and recovery should explore each aspect—mental, spiritual, and physical. Corey’s approach is meant to help heal and prosper well beyond sobriety.

Guest Faculty

Earl Hightower

Earl Hightower

Addiction Intervention Specialist

For over 35 years, Earl Hightower has worked on the front lines of addiction and recovery. The unique perspective that only behavioral health intervention work can offer caused Earl to recognize that the greatest gap in addiction services is during the first 60 days following residential treatment.

Rhys Thomas

Rhys Thomas

Founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute

Rhys Thomas is an author, speaker, and trainer in the energy healing field, a Shift Network faculty member and the creator of the 4 Dimensional Transformational Healing System that is taught exclusively at the Rhys Thomas Institute and in the Rhys Method® coaching programs.

Tommy Rosen

Tommy Rosen

Founder Recovery 2.0

Tommy is a yoga teacher and addiction recovery expert who has spent the last two decades immersed in recovery and wellness. He is the founder of the Recovery 2.0 Global Community, the Recovery 2.0 Online Conference series and the Recovery 2.0 Group Coaching Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to I get started?

Click “Apply Now” to complete your application. Once we’ve reviewed your responses, a member of our team will be in touch with next steps.

Can other members of my family join me in the program?

Yes! Any and all members in your immediate family system are welcome to join you in the program as part of your membership. In fact, the more members of your family who participate, the better. After you register, we’ll give you instructions for emailing our team the information we need to get your interested family members access to everything.

What if no one else in my family will join me?

Not to worry, Kate is a master engager. Through your time in the program, she’ll address how to “get others to the table.” It starts with just one person, so don’t be discouraged if right now that person is you. You can still make a huge impact for your family.

Is this program still a good fit if my loved one is in treatment?

Yes! Your loved one in treatment is the perfect time for you to be in the Family Recovery Intensive, and here is why: in treatment, your loved one is told they only need to change one thing—everything. As their loved one, you are part of their everything. By taking part in a program like this, you are helping your loved one change their everything and are partnering with them on a recovery path.

This course will also give you the much needed skills and language to use to help your loved one stay in treatment longer. You know that dreaded phone call when they say, “I’m ready to come home”? We’ll give you the exact tools to help your loved one stay in treatment and be able to help them maintain their recovery once they leave treatment. The first 30 days post treatment is the timeframe when someone in early recovery is most likely to relapse. By being in this program, you will learn what to say and do to be a completely different container for them and their recovery, giving them a much greater chance at lasting recovery.

I'm interested, but I'm worried I won't be able to afford it.

Right now your only step is to see if this program is the right fit for you. That’s what the application process helps us to determine (submitting an application in no way commits you to register for the program). If it is the right fit, we’ll happily work with you to figure out a payment solution that works for your budget. Partial scholarships and additional payment assistance options are sometimes available, so don’t let finances prevent you from taking this first step!

Can I contact your team with any additional questions I have?

Absolutely! You can reach out to our team at with any questions, concerns, or inquiries.