What Our Clients Have to Say

“It has felt like a miracle.”

I have found the sessions helpful in helping us to then have conversations with our daughter…And the fact that we are in a recovery situation and have joined this group, I think she appreciates that and she has been more willing to really open up and have these conversations.

A Mom

I had been active in Al-Anon for several years before joining Kate’s group. I was in pain and desperate to find solutions to save my daughter…Recovery Conversations offers powerful and healing concepts that accelerate possibilities for healing the family disease of addiction. Thank you Kate Duffy! And to all who show up so vulnerably in this group.

Tricia, Mom

Kate, you sure are one amazing person that I am so glad came into my life. You’ve taught me to care for myself and my family, how to be strong, how to understand, how to love, how to sympathize, how to communicate, I could go on and on! Thank you for being you!

A Sister

Witness the Transformations

“[This program] is going to change your world.”

Recovery IS Possible

“It feels as if my husband has turned the corner to real recovery.”

Facebook post by Pat W. that reads, "Allen and I feel like we've gained so much through our involvement with this group and Kate's information. And we are especially thankful to have been working directly with Kate for advice and support; what a difference. We were able to come to a plan, have our 'statements' ready to repeat, and have more confidence in our approach. I think just knowing that we are working with Kate has had an impact (and James agreed to meet with Kate once which I think also made a difference....she's someone more real to him). Even though our contract didn't get off the ground before James violated it, his interactions with us were totally different and such a relief. He packed up on his own and made plans for where to stay....at least for tonight. 'Just for today' felt good. Thank you, Kate Duffy, and Tipping Point."

"Tipping Point Recovery has helped give me the strength and knowledge to take action to help my son address his addiction. "

A Mom

"Tipping Point is my go to place for support and answers."

Jackie – Mom

"I'm learning so much that is making a difference in my life and our loved one's life."

A Mom

"[Joining Tipping Point™ Recovery] has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time ❤️"

A Mom

"I'm melting. Recovery man. It can be magical."

Lindsay – Wife

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