Tipping Point™ Recovery Started By Mistake

When most families first connect with me, this is what they see as the problem: “My loved one won’t give up the drugs and alcohol, and so there’s nothing I can do to help them.” WRONG! Drugs and alcohol aren’t the real problem. Now, stick with me here.  Drugs and...

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Why No One Recovers Alone… Why No One Recovers Alone by Kate Duffy - CEO of Tipping Point Recovery Today, I want to share with you a little bit of wisdom about something really important when it comes to recovering from addiction. Whether you're an...

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WE’RE IN! MassChallenge 2022 Accelerator Program!

We are proud to announce that Tipping Point™ Recovery has been accepted as a finalist for the MassChallenge 2022 accelerator program!  We will join more than 200 other businesses selected from 1,500 initial applicants and gain access to MassChallenge's global...

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The 3 Traps Families Fall For

Learn what addiction doesn’t want you to know