Do You Believe?

In a recent Facebook live inside our Friends of Tipping Point community, I pulled up a tool we have here at Tipping Point called the Addiction Impact Assessment, where you self-assess on a scale of 1-10 in terms of how strongly you believe in each statement. There one...

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The Top 3 Things We Wish Our Families Knew

I recently sat down with Corey Beaver in our free Facebook community to discuss the top 3 things we wish our families knew when we were active in our addictions. Corey is one of Tipping Point’s interventionists and case managers, and he's also the Director of Family...

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A Webinar For You in Celebration of My Dad

With my dad’s passing, I’ve been perusing over family things, looking for photos and videos of him, remembering his incredible life. Look what I found! I did a webinar two years ago called, “Dear Family, If I Relapse, Please Do This,” and my dad not only attended...

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Recovery Is Not Linear (So how do you navigate it?)

As the loved ones of someone with substance use disorder, we so want recovery to be linear. We imagine it to be this straight line angled up, the arrow always moving forward, getting progressively better. That is the expectation most have about recovery, and it is way...

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Have You Heard of Double Circle Meeting?

Every Thursday evening we have a little thing we call Double Circle Meeting. It’s one of our free, public resources (along with our online community) that we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of. What is Double Circle Meeting? The...

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What is a Recovery-Oriented Decision?

We all make decisions every day. Hundreds of them. Some big like deciding whether to move, change jobs, or get married, and some small like what to eat for breakfast or which outfit to wear. And we all make decisions in different ways. Maybe you decide what to wear...

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Why Does YOUR Recovery Matter?

When families first come to us, their focus is entirely on their loved one struggling with addiction. All they are concerned with is how to get their loved one better. That’s our priority too, which is why it often catches families off guard when one of the first...

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Who’s it all for?

A little over a year ago I went to a treatment facility and ran a discussion group for 60 men in a 12 Step program. One of the men there asked a GREAT question that is all too common. He asked, “If you teach my family about addiction and what recovery looks like,...

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Family Recovery Summit for Support and Healing

We have a lot going on over here at Tipping Point as we get ready for the start of our 12-week Recover My Family program this week (!), but I wanted to make sure to let you know about an exciting event I’m honored to be a part of. It’s called the Family Recovery...

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The 3 Traps Families Fall For

Learn what addiction doesn’t want you to know