About Us

Tipping Point™ Recovery is an alternative intervention company that works with families to give their loved ones the absolute best chance for lasting recovery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower families with the knowledge, strategy, resources and support they need to recover their family, navigate the system, and become stronger than addiction.

By disrupting the traditional ways we think about recovery, Tipping Point™ Recovery empowers families to strengthen through Recovery Conversations™, thus allowing them to be the change their loved ones need.

Isn’t it time we do recovery differently?

Our Why

The addiction and recovery system largely operates the same way it did 50 years ago. Devastatingly the only thing that’s changed is the drastic increase in deaths at the hands of addiction.


200,000 people died from an overdose or alcohol related death in 2020—more than any other year so far.


Addiction costs the United States $3.73 trillion each year in economic loss and societal harm.


On average only 11% of those with substance use disorder access treatment.


Families are kept in the dark about what is really going on, so often told there is nothing they can do, and therefore are unable offer real help.

The current system is fractured, causing most to fall through the cracks.

At Tipping Point™ Recovery, we do recovery differently.

Our vision is to transform society’s view and response to addiction—to stop hiding that it’s happening and start talking about it on the family level.

We are creating a world where all individuals who struggle with substance use disorder (SUD) have the best chance for success in recovery because all of the systems around them work together in support of this goal.

We envision a comprehensive and holistic treatment of the family disease of addiction.

Our Partners

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We don’t need to wait for things to get worse before embracing a solution.

There IS something you can do.

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