What We Do

About Tipping Point Recovery

Bringing families into the recovery conversation.

Tipping Point Recovery has helped hundreds of families successfully find recovery and peace by disrupting the “traditional” way we think about recovery.

As loved ones of someone struggling with addiction, we’re so often told “It’s out of our hands.” That “They have to want this for it to work.”

Yes, that’s partially true. AND… There IS another way.

Successful recovery with Tipping Point starts with understanding this tried and tested FACT:

When families are empowered to BEGIN the change needed for recovery, their loved one will FOLLOW.

Why? Because successful, long lasting recovery is HOLISTIC recovery. We believe holistic success means bringing the addict, the treatment facility, AND the family to the table TOGETHER.

The Tipping Point Method, through signature programs like Recovery Conversations™, is about helping you BE the change your loved one needs.

Find your boundaries. Stay in your lane. Dismiss yourself as the “Case Manager”, “Personal Assistant” “Financial Manager” and “Person in Control of the situation” to realize how you are a PART of this situation. So you can surrender your control to a team of experts and a process that WORKS and begin the process of recovery for your entire family. 

Your behavior and recovery is part of this equation. It MATTERS. And it could be the thing that helps your loved one truly recover.