A Webinar For You in Celebration of My Dad

September 1, 2023

With my dad’s passing, I’ve been perusing over family things, looking for photos and videos of him, remembering his incredible life. Look what I found!

A screenshot dated April 14, 2021 of the webinar "Dear Family, If I Relapse, Please Do This" with Kate's dad shown on the screen.

I did a webinar two years ago called, “Dear Family, If I Relapse, Please Do This,” and my dad not only attended live, but he spoke on camera! You can tell from my reaction in the recording that I had no idea he planned to say anything, and I was so excited he did.

He was truly stunned by Tipping Point’s work—a mix of wishing our program was a resource he’d had 12 years ago back when I was active in my own addiction and lying to him, while also being SO incredibly proud of me for creating it.

It’s super emotional for me to look back on. It feels so special to have the moment captured on video.

In celebration of my dad’s life, I am sharing this never-before-released webinar with you now (find the replay below). It’s a different version than the one available on our website and in our free Facebook community, so it will have some new teachings and nuggets for you to absorb.

What’s more, the introductory program I offer at the end of this webinar, Stop the Chaos, is currently available for FREE in our Friends of Tipping Point Facebook community—however, it won’t be for much longer.

Starting September 18th, Stop the Chaos will be returning to its original price of $97 and will no longer be available for free inside the online community.

So make sure to join the group today and watch the entire training if you haven’t already. It’s four training videos plus two bonuses, and it’s packed with action steps and recovery fundamentals that make up the core principles of our family-centered recovery methodology.

This framework has been a game changer to hundreds of our clients, so take advantage of it while it’s free.

And feel free to share this webinar far and wide with anyone you think could benefit from it. It’s a little spark of my dad that gets to keep living as we spread this solution across the world.

Click here to join Friends of Tipping Point and take our Stop the Chaos introductory training before September 18th! Find it in Guide 3 of the group.

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