A Holiday Message from Kate

December 22, 2023

Happy Holidays from Tipping Point Recovery! 

I have a quick message for you today called “5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1!”

5 ~ We are ending our 5th year in service

We have helped 100 people get sober and stay sober long term, because we helped their families get “sober” and stay sober long term. 

4 ~ We have 4 programs and services, which we are super proud of:

3 ~ There are 3 things you can do right now to help your family or someone you know that needs our help:

  1. You can join our Street Team to get a free early PDF copy of my book that’s coming out early next year. In exchange, all I ask is for you to leave an honest review once it’s officially published.
  2. You can share this email, our blog posts, our website, or my phone number (401- 360-6505)‬ with others so they can get the benefit of stopping the chaos in their family.
  3. You can join us in our Facebook community, Friends of Tipping Point. We have people in recovery, families who love them, and treatment providers in the group, because we work with all three.

2 ~ There are always 2 things going on when I talk about what we do:

There’s you and how you feel.

And there’s what’s going on around you.

Those two things are separate. You don’t have to get caught up in other people’s things. You can untangle yourself and take different actions so that the things that are going on around you change.

1 ~ Take 1 moment in the next week before the calendar changes… 

To turn within and consider what you need to do to give yourself a little more self-love in this coming year. Because you know what? That’s what all this is all about.

Addiction is turning away from self. Whatever you’re addicted to, whether it’s drugs or alcohol or changing other people—or worry or fear or food—it’s turning away from yourself. 

So turn within to yourself. Give yourself a little more self-love. That’s my wish for you this New Year. 

Merry Christmas. Happy holidays. Happy New Year. And we’ll see you soon.

💗 Kate

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