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Help Your Loved One Find Recovery


Stop the Chaos

A 3-Step Guide to a Long-Term Solution

Are you the…









of someone who is struggling with mental health and addiction?

Then, there is only one thing left for you to do—


not asking them to take charge of their addiction.

not blaming them and their dis-ease for how you feel.

not getting caught in a state of fear and overwhelm, not knowing how to help.

not being trapped in the mental and physical chaos of their addiction.

not carrying the enormous weight of responsibility for saving their health, their life. Your family’s. Your own.

not thinking there is no way they will recover.

Let us show you what to do.

How many times have you begged, pleaded or prayed, “I would give anything to make this madness stop. If only I knew what to do”?

Join Us To Learn Exactly What To Do

Over these 30 days, we will show you exactly what’s been standing between your loved one and their recovery — and the truth might surprise you. You’ll learn the steps that are necessary to get your entire family on a healthier path now, not months or years from now when your loved one is “ready” or reaches “rock bottom.” And you’ll feel the immediate relief of finally being seen,  getting your voice back, and being supported and understood by others who started exactly where you are and remain committed to walking this daily journey by your side.

You don’t need to wait for your loved one to ask for help. If you wait until they’re ready, it may be too late.


Let us show you what to do.

You CAN become the Tipping Point™ in your loved one’s  willingness for recovery.

You CAN bring more balance to your family and more peace to your life.

You CAN do something about their addiction.

Meet Your Facilitators

Kate Duffy

Kate Duffy

Founder of Tipping Point™ Recovery, Inc.

Kate Duffy is a highly sought after inspirational speaker, recovery coach and interventionist. She is a catalyst for sustainable change who has inspired growth and healing for hundreds of families over the past five years. 

After facing and overcoming her own battle with substance use, Kate saw and felt the missing pieces at the recovery initiative tipping point. She has since made it her life’s mission to bring families into the recovery conversation.  Through hundreds of interventions, Kate created a proven and unprecedented family recovery model where families are empowered to begin the change needed so that their loved one can do the same.  

Kate founded Tipping Point Recovery, Inc. and created Recovery Conversations™ the first recovery model that takes a holistic view of the individual. She is now sharing her program nationally so she can help more people and families to recover and heal. 

Kate knows that successful, long-lasting recovery must bring together the client, the family and the treatment facility. Because of this unique perspective, she has changed the language of recovery for true healing. 

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson

President of Baystate Recovery Center

Michael Wilson is the President of Baystate Recovery Center, a nationally recognized Certified Intervention professional (CIP), and the author of Loving Lions: A Guide for Families Struggling with Addiction.

Michael created the Family-Focused Intervention Model (CFI) and has designed a comprehensive training program for educating professionals and interventionists available nationwide, and is recognized as an approved educator by NAADAC, Pennsylvania Certification Board, and NASW National Association for Social Workers.

As a person in long-term recovery from Substance Use Disorder, Michael has used both his personal experience and his professional experience to help families and individuals in need navigate the rough terrain of the addiction industry. He has spent years building strong relationships with quality programs and local resources to better serve the community.

Michael’s approach has helped countless families find peace amidst the chaos of addiction by educating them on the ways that they can change and improve the family system around their struggling loved one to promote healthy change and a better chance for success in recovery from addiction.

Stop The Chaos: Introduction to

Recovery Conversations™

This transformational LIVE, experiential training is guaranteed to change your approach to your loved one’s addiction. You’ll get:

  • Weekly live lessons over four weeks.
  • Daily action steps so you know what to do to offer real help.
  • Regular support in the private online community—stay connected with others.
  • Worksheets, tools & practical resources to guide your recovery skills.
  • Guidance from our Family Recovery Ambassadors—Graduates of our program offering you support and guidance.
  • And more

The next training begins June 22, 2022. Live calls will be on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30pm EST, and recordings of the live sessions will be made available to you. Watch them as often as you want. And start seeing and feeling positive changes right away.

For just $497, you’ll experience:

A Look Behind The Curtain

  • See what’s really going on beneath the chaos of addiction from recovered people.
  • Explore the inadvertent ways you’re likely participating in the addiction cycle.
  • Learn how to quickly move yourself and your loved one onto a healthy path.




An Actionable Plan


  • No more waiting and wishing.
  • Get the education, community, resources and strategy, and have a practical plan to implement to make changes in your family and help your loved one NOW.
  • There IS something you can do, and throughout these 30 days you will get real steps you can take right away to take charge of your family’s recovery.

A Long-Term Solution


  • Addiction doesn’t start and stop in a day. It’s progressive and chronic.
  • The knowlege and skills you’ll learn in this training will set you up to break free from this addiction cycle for good and give your loved one the best chance at finding long-term recovery.
  • We know it’s possible, because we see it in families every single day. We are so committed to giving this to your family.

Here’s Exactly What You Get

WEEK 1: Look Behind The Curtain — Learn The Truth About Addiction & Detox from Chaos.

We will lift the curtain by showing you exactly what your loved one is thinking and why.  Learn how to put yourself in a recovery-oriented frame of mind so you can be present for your life and able to inspire recovery for your loved one, and your whole family.

WEEK 2: Stop Being an Unhealthy Resource

We know you want to be absolutely sure you are not helping to fund or emotionally support the addiction in any way.  We will inventory your Recovery Capital to discover the subtle ways you  may be, inadvertently, contributing to your loved one’s addiction cycle. Learn to stop being a resource for the addiction in any way, and retrain yourself and your family to make recovery-oriented decisions that will increase recovery probability.

WEEK 3: Learn What to Do, When, How and Why.

Learn the three essential components that will keep you grounded in your own lane to ensure you are helping your loved one without enabling, and orient your family to recovery. This transformative training is one you’ll want to replay again and again.

WEEK 4: Staying in Your Lane & Increasing Recovery Probability.

Become stronger than the frequency of addiction using Recovery Language™ and connecting conversations. Learn to proactively cultivate calm and embrace the peace, recovery and wellness that you and your family deserve.

Private Community Forum

Community is foundational to recovery. In fact, no one recovers alone, and our successful clients report 100% of the time that the community gave them strength they didn’t even know they could access. Through the private community forum, you’ll experience the incredible power that comes from community and connection with others, most especially those who have been where you are and have come through the other side of the chaos. They are waiting for you.

Printable Worksheets, Practice Tools & Additional Resources

Recovery is an action word.  Your results will match your willingness and your committment, and we have no shortage of pratical tools that will help you integrate the material throughout the 30 days of the training and beyond!
Facebook post by Pat W. that reads, "Allen and I feel like we've gained so much through our involvement with this group and Kate's information. And we are especially thankful to have been working directly with Kate for advice and support; what a difference. We were able to come to a plan, have our 'statements' ready to repeat, and have more confidence in our approach. I think just knowing that we are working with Kate has had an impact (and James agreed to meet with Kate once which I think also made a difference....she's someone more real to him). Even though our contract didn't get off the ground before James violated it, his interactions with us were totally different and such a relief. He packed up on his own and made plans for where to least for tonight. 'Just for today' felt good. Thank you, Kate Duffy, and Tipping Point."


Through Stop the Chaos, we are COMMITTED to getting you and your loved one on a better path. We’re so confident you will have access to peace, greater understanding, tools and resources to create the change needed.

If after committing yourself and participating fully in the training, you have not received the following, we’re happy to refund your investment.

  1. A list of how to become a healthy resource for your loved one
  2. A better understanding of your role in their addiction
  3. A list of ways you CAN help your loved one have the best chance for success

You have nothing to lose here and SO much health, support, and peace to gain. Let us help you find that path for your family now.

Join Us LIVE for

Stop the Chaos

A 3-Step Guide For a Long-Term Solution

Learn the right questions to ask. Get answers. And disrupt the addiction cycle.

The next training kicks off mid-June. Register now to get all the details on getting your family back!  

One-time payment of


It is so emotional and powerful the way everyone is coming together for this…I am so thankful for Tipping Point and this group!
Steph, wife

Loving my path starting my day working from home with meditation. It feels so good to have permission to feel good myself and have tools to have a conversation that may be hard for him and not feel like I am responsible for how he responds. It feels so good to enjoy my home and take care of me and have support in facing the “elephant” in the living room rather than sticking my head in the sand. Reframing my story feels good.
Jennifer, mom

I am at a loss with what to do with my overwhelming love for the brutal honesty from everyone, the excruciating bravery exhibited by all, and the palpable pain and joy offered up for us to learn from. If I could say something to everyone in that group it would be: I have total respect and awe for what you are doing and where you are. Yes, yes, you are doing a great job. Kate Duffy: you hold us close, you see us, you know what we need. I am grateful.
Anonymous, mom

Can you picture a life where you have…

  • No more confusion.
  • Knowledge of exactly what to do, to say and when.
  • Your voice back! Feel empowered again!
  • Insight from many others who have gotten to the other side of this mess, who have taken this program and are now thriving!
  • The skills you need to get through to your loved one so you both can live the life you deserve.

You’re not alone.
You’re in the right place.
We’ve got you.

We promise.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the trainings?

There are four 60-minute live sessions that will take place via Zoom throughout the 4-week training. Trainings will take place on Wednesdays at 6:30-7:30pm EST. Details will be emailed to you upon registration.

What if I can't make it live? Can I still access the replays and other tools & resources?

Yes, all live session recordings, accompanying worksheets, tools & resources will be made available to you inside the private community forum. Instructions on how to join the private group are included in the confirmation email you will get once you’ve registered. If you don’t have a Facebook account or don’t want to join using your personal account, you can create an alias account with a fake name and a photo that doesn’t show your face. Many of our families choose this option to protect their privacy while still experiencing the many benefits of the group.

If you use do a Facebook account that does not match the name you registered with, please email to let us know so we can be sure to approve your request to join the Facebook group.

Can I still register anytime?

Yes! You are welcome to enroll in the training anytime during the 4 weeks. Replays of all live sessions will be available in the Facebook group so you can watch any you might have missed.

How much time will I need to commit each week?

First, I’ll ask “How much time does addiction rob from you each week?” The time needed here won’t compare to the time addiction has robbed you. There is one 60-minute training each week. The more you commit yourself to the trainings and the material, the more change you will see in your family and loved one. How much time you spend is ultimately up to you. Past participants have reported that they recoup time by being in this community and that the way they feel almost immediately makes them eager to do more!

What kind of support will be available to me during the 30 days?

Daily support. In addition to the live coaching that will be available to you during the trainings, you will have access to Kate and our Family Recovery Ambassadors through our private online community. Post your questions, comments, or concerns at any time to get guidance and support. Also available to you through the community is support from the other families in the training. We hear so often how incredible it feels to post at any hour of the day or night and hear back immediately from others.  Knowing that there are other families out there who understand what you’re going through makes all the difference.

Lastly, if you have a technical issue or question, you can alway email our team at for assistance.

Can other members of my family join me in the training?

Yes! Any and all members in your immediate family system are welcome to join you in the training. In fact, the more members of your family who participate, the better. After you register, simply email us at with their names and email addresses so we can make sure they get access to everything. In the training, Kate addresses how to “get others to the table,” so we’ll help you bring recovery to everyone. That’s the goal, and Kate’s a super master engager. An expert.

A Message from Our Founder, Kate

Dear Family,

I want you to have what my family didn’t have. I want to help you and your family find recovery.

I created this program so you can avoid the things that kept me stuck, that fed my lies and fueled my addiction. I want you to be an active part of your loved one’s recovery, instead of leaving them alone to fend for themselves.

I want you to have the kind of support my family never had. I want you to hear from families who stopped the chaos in their family, and are so grateful they found this solution.

Are you ready to face the truth?
Are you scared, fed up, wondering why will this time be any different?

I’ll tell you why.

Because it’s this time, and you’re here.

I am a relentless fighter for your loved one.  I know what they need, and I need you in order to  help them.

I promise I won’t drop you. 

But don’t believe me, read what our clients say. Watch the videos of our clients. 100% of them say we changed their lives. 

Once you learn these proven steps for how to best support your loved one, you will know peace again.

See you there!


P.S. All you have to do is decide. Decide that this time, things will be different. Whether you choose to take this training or take another path, make a decision to do something different now. It will change your life and the life of your loved one.  I’m rooting for you!