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Take your family back from the grips of addiction.

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An evidence based family recovery model.


As loved ones of someone struggling with addiction, we’re so often told “It’s out of our hands.” That “They have to want this for it to work.”

That is not entirely true…..There IS a way to HELP.

Give your family the absolute best chance of long term success with:
Tipping Point Recovery’s statistically proven principles.  

Recovery probability increases dramatically when we create an environment where the disease cannot thrive.

The 3 Traps Families Fall For (And How to Avoid Them!)  get on the path of  recovery FASTER…and stay there.


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Recover. Your. Family.

Recovery Conversations™ Intensive is Tipping Point™ Recovery’s signature 12-week program, developed by Kate for families who are ready to BE the change and take action to support the recovery of their entire family.

Take your seat at the table. Become part of the recovery conversation for your family now.

This is What Recovery Looks Like

Special Angel

“We call Kate our special Angel.”

It’s so hard to shake

“It’s so hard to shake these enabling habits that had become my way of being without a community and Kate to guide me. I love this community and honestly can’t imagine my life without everyone here.” – A Mom

We are all working with Kate

“We are all working with Kate as a family unit while he is in treatment. Kate has taught us how important it is that we recover as a family unit. We had no idea how important our role is in this and that when he comes home, he needs to come home to a family that supports and understands ‘recovery language’.”

I don’t know where our son

“I don’t know where our son would be today without Kate.”

When I first called Kate

“When I first called Kate, I referred to my brother as a lying manipulative jerk!  I now can comfortably say that my love for him is unconditional yet my support of him is conditional. I will not support his addiction in any way. I feel so free and he is in treatment.” – A Sister

Quick and effective work

“Thank you so much for your quick and effective work getting our son into treatment. We are so very grateful!”

I was at a point

“I was at a point in my life where I thought I had to put up with living with an alcoholic and I felt that I was dying slowly. I had lost myself to his addiction. Today, I pause when agitated, I pause when I’m needing to make a decision and today, I have a decision-making framework. We are all sober!” – A Wife

My husband and I

“My husband and I do not know where we would be or where our daughter would be, if it was not for Kate and Recovery Coaching.”

When I mind my own business

“When I mind my own business and stay in my lane, I recover.  When I mind someone else’s business and go into their lane, I am blocking their potential to learn and grow. Kate works in such a unique way and I love all that I am learning.” – A Dad

Thank you for providing us

“Thank you for providing us the comfort and support we need. Your guidance for us to know what to say, at every turn, is saving our family.”

When I took my son

“When I took my son to the emergency room to try to get him into a program, the nurse was unable to find a bed.  Someone called Kate Duffy and within minutes of her arrival she had calmed me down, gotten my son centered and found a bed! It was like an angel showed up with a miracle.”

Kate always seems to know

“Kate always seems to know just what to say.”

The Tipping Point

“A recovery coach is a catalyst at the recovery initiative tipping point.”
– Bill White, William White Papers 2013

YES! I want to be in the Recovery Conversation!

Our dream is for universal compassion, awareness, education and support – free of judgement – for all who suffer from substance use disorder and those who love them.