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Dear Family, Why Your Loved One Won’t Accept Help and How to Help Them Anyway

A proven, real-world approach to helping the addicted find lasting recovery.

Teaching family from behind the curtain.

As loved ones of someone struggling with addiction, we’re so often told “It’s out of our hands.” That “they have to want this for it to work.”

That is not entirely true…..There IS a way to HELP.

Give your family the absolute best chance of long term success with:
Tipping Point Recovery’s statistically proven principles.  

No one recovers alone.

Weekly Double Circle – Recovery Meeting.

All are welcome.

We Recover. 
So they can. 

Recovery Conversations™ Intensive is Tipping Point™ Recovery’s signature 12-week program, developed by Kate for families who are ready to BE the change and take action to support the recovery of their entire family.

Take your seat at the table. Become part of the recovery conversation for your family now.

This is What Recovery Looks Like

The Tipping Point

“A recovery coach is a catalyst at the recovery initiative tipping point.”
– Bill White, William White Papers 2013

YES! I want to be in the Recovery Conversation!

Our dream is for universal compassion, awareness, education and support – free of judgement – for all who suffer from substance use disorder and those who love them.